Monday, November 3, 2008


Yet another cupcake post. I've decided that my obsession with cupcakes may trace back to elementary school when the fact that I have a summer birthday meant that I could never bring cupcakes to school on my big day like the other kids. Maybe it made me feel like I had to compensate for my lack of cupcake-coolness by baking them now whenever I can find the slightest excuse.
My most recent excuse came when I was invited to a Halloween party and given the assignment to bring a dessert. Here's what I made:

Devil's food cupcakes with chocolate frosting, sprinkles to make the spider look hairy, allsorts for eyes (I must have looked slightly crazy digging through the bulk candy bin finding all the ones that looked like eyes), and black licorice legs. The legs were really supposed to be made of black string lace licorice according to these instructions, but wouldn't you know it, the grocery store was out. I guess everyone else was making these cute little daddy-long legs for Halloween too. I hope you all had a sweet Halloween!

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Crafty Craftee Craft:>D WAHM said...

Hi, I'm so sorry I never commented before and thanked you for this wonderful way to decorate cupcakes. I hope you've been getting hits from my blog for instructions as I did post your photo and the person clicks on the photo which takes them to your blog. Thank You!