Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sea Food

I saw this idea in a Family Fun calendar I have and loved it, so I made it for lunch one day for my son and me. It was a lot of fun, and any way to get kids to eat more vegetables is great in my book. I used a tomato for the boat and a yellow pepper for the sail, but you can also use cheese or lettuce for the sail and a cucumber or pepper for the boat. Whatever floats your boat, tee hee.

Veggie Sailboats
You will need:
Halves of pickling cucumber, plum tomatoes, or peppers
Tuna salad
Carrot or celery sticks
Pepper, lettuce, or cheese

Halve a cucumber, plum tomato, or pepper. Scoop the seeds out and fill each half with tuna salad. Stick in a carrot or celery stick for the mast. Set a triangle sail of pepper, lettuce, or cheese next to the mast. For the full effect, serve the lunch on a blue plate scattered with fish-shaped crackers.


Ann said...

A lovely idea! Would look great for a buffet too, must try this.

Valerie said...

How fun for little kids!

VintageMixer said...

how cute! kids would LOVE these!!